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04 March 2011 @ 09:22 am


Vanessa's bday party was awesome. much fun! =) i got drunk for the first time in... a while. in fact, the last time i was that drunk (which doesn't even qualify as 'smashed,' i don't drink much) was at one of Vanessa's previous birthday parties. the one where we sat around telling dead baby jokes... aaaaaaaaahahaha XD awful but hilarious.

we also brought Jenny & Laura, and i insisted on buying Jenny a drink... in fact i badgered her into letting me buy her a magic hat. then Brian bought her another one later on. he's a sweetheart. but yanno, it was Vanessa's bday, she had to have at least one on Nessa's bday. it was so much fun... we talked, sang with the jukebox, laughed... i even played darts with the birthday girl herself. i did pretty good for being drunk and uncoordinated. the first time i didn't even make the dart board... but after that i was actually doing well. i even got bullseye once.

and i got to give Vanessa her bag finally, the one i made from her jeans and t-shirts. she really liked it, which made me happy. a lot of people were impressed with it, which aside from making me a little self-conscious (i don't really know how to deal with compliments) was a huge relief, 'cause i worry about shit.

working on a new crop of reconstructed denim purses and messenger bags. coming along well; finishing on average one every couple days. some of them i'm really proud of. well, i try not to make shitty ones... only time will tell i guess. i am still debating what to do with that spiderman flannel i scored in the remnant bin- i'm thinkin' i might use that one for myself. i have some grey corduroy that used to be a pair of my pants; and i really miss my tiny brown corduroy purse. i wonder what happened to that thing? i might make a new one to replace it... not sure. but it's no rush; i got time.

in other news, Jenny started me on a huge Metalocalypse kick. and when i say huge, i mean hulking, gigantimungous, fuckin' gargantuan.

i Murderface so much... 

oh, Willie. XD

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