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25 February 2011 @ 10:41 pm
On George's Birthday  

So George's birthday is officially coming to an end... in just a couple hours it will be over... and before it is, i just feel compelled to share how i feel about his music. of course i love it; i've been madly in love with the Beatles since i was a wee little tyke... Sgt. Pepper was the lone Beatles record my parents had, and i had them play the hell out of it for me, until i was old enough to play the hell out of it myself. i never looked back... to this day, Within You Without You is my favorite Beatlesong of them all. hearing it is like coming home. i've always been partial to his compositions... listening to them, i can feel my heart opening like the petals of a flower. life is a little more beautiful with his music playing. i love his lyrics dearly, they mean so much to me... and the music? well that goes without saying. so thank you, George Harrison, for being the great artist that you were, and undoubtedly still are, wherever your soul is now. ♥♥♥ forever.

i'm feelin': thankfulthankful