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23 February 2011 @ 10:10 am
Ramble #2165654785-F  

sooo. i went to sleep with a weird feeling last night. woke up with it still. idunno what it is. it could be a combination of things... missing Jenny (who is on vacation- good for her though, she deserves it), missing my sister (i know it's been a long time since she moved but i'm never not gonna miss her), crazy people skulking around (okay only one... she's like Gollum trailing after Frodo and Sam in the darkness, except she never helped anybody), the packages i bundled up for my sister that NO ONE HAS MAILED and she'll be lucky to get the birthday gift i labored at before her NEXT birthday...

i've been working, but i haven't been selling anything, and i still don't have any money. i mean, i haven't been trying to sell stuff, i've been trying to pile up merchandise. my brother has my last 'crop' of reconstructed bags in his store, i'm not sure how they're selling. the last time i saw him was on his birthday at his new band's show, and it didn't come up. he has spoken to me about some big flea market that he wants to get a booth at (for my stuff). so i'm piling up the merch. i really don't know what i'm doing but if i can pile up enough stuff maybe i can make something happen soon. i feel like the ball will start rolling eventually.

i've been writing more poetry lately. some lyric stuff, which is unusual for me. i usually write freeform. not complaining though. i enjoy reading lyric poetry; why shouldn't i write some? the latest i've been working on is a silly, whimsical thing that i started after reading a lot of Edward Lear www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/index.html one night. i wish i could write such lovely nonsense. nonsense is sorely underappreciated, i think. it's such fun. i feel like so many people don't "get" that Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass is nonsense literature. it HAS no plot. it's a work of genius; how many people that you know can write a book of pretty nonsense, like a long dream, and have it be one of the best known chidren's books ever? no, i'm wrong, certainly it is THE best known, along with being the first; and it's been reinterpreted and reinvented a million times over. it's THOSE things that have plots- like the new movie and that miniseries that was on Syfy (ugh, i hate calling that channel 'syfy.' it's goddam scifi, it used to be cool when it was still scifi. :minirant:). i've loved that book all my life, and the sheer VOLUME of people who whinged about the Johnny Depp movie "not following the plot of the book" made me want to pound my head on a stucco wall until i went into a coma. for fuck's sake, did you even READ the book?? No. you wanted a goddamn live-action version of the Disney CARTOON movie... :sigh:

but i'm going off-topic.

oh shit, i forgot, you have to have a topic before you go off it. i guess i'm still good then. mmm, orange juice. orange juice is scrummy. so is pineapple juice- and it's even better for a cold (just got over one, that's all i drank, day in and day out).

i may look into how etsy works. does anyone use it? know if it's good?

peace & peaseblossoms...
♥- Kathleen.

ps: i wonder if the skulker is reading my LJ? it's linked on my twitter, which i know she's reading. if you are reading this, seriously, get some help. all you're doing is alienating everyone. you've burnt every bridge you have. is it doing you any good? is it making you happy?

pps: working on a messenger bag next! faded denim, flannel liner w/ a gingham check. not sure if i'm gonna go with clips or buttons to close the front though. we'll see how it goes.

ppps: HAHA FOOLED YOU! i wasn't counting the Rambles at all!!!

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i'm hearin': mumford & sons