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30 January 2011 @ 10:58 am
silver stitches  

last night me and brian got to hang out with Jenny and Vanessa. it is always great to see Vanessa- and i got a chance to show her the progres on her bag in person, and measure the strap on her. she's really excited about it, which makes me happy. i always want to please the customer (although this bag, like the one i made Jenny, is pro-bono... i could never charge my friends). the decorative stitching looks great in the color she chose (silver, which contrasts the dark denim very nicely), and this is the first time i'm going to use the automatic buttonholer on my machine. whoo! i gave it a test run a few days ago, it's pretty frikkin' shazzy.

anyway. i think i'm coming down with something... i woke up at three in the afternoon yesterday. wtf? and i've been feeling a little run-down... coughing just a bit... so i'm drinking a lot of tea and hoping for the best. i'm really pissed that i'm out of emergen-c. shit tastes horrible, but it always makes me feel better. i don't even have any cough drops left. i'm such a hobo. =\ but i'll start making money soon... Brother says my bags are selling in his store. idk how fast, but he has mentioned that a few have been sold. and he bought one for my sister-in-law, one she really liked... i would have given it to her if i had known they were gonna buy it. =P she is family, she deserves the same treatment as anyone else in the circle. but she got the one she wanted, so i guess that's good enough for me.

btw, Jenny's family is awesome. i love them.

love forever,

oh and ps: someone should tell the snow that no one is amused. -____- go away! we're all sick of you!

i'm feelin': okayokay