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20 February 2011 @ 01:16 pm
poem: "You"  

Your smile is more enchanting than the moon in waxing crescent,
if your glow was any brighter you'd be bio-luminescent,
your body is a temple, let me worship at your altar-
if Venus died of jealousy I couldn't really fault her.

Your beauty is eternal like an ancient golden statue,
the stars are falling from the sky just so they can gaze up at you-
landing at your feet like roses thrown by horny angels;
when they see you they can't help but melt like rainbow-dripping candles.

The sun is only shining for the chance to touch your face,
the world is only turning so that it can match your pace.
The wind is only blowing to lift up your lovely name,
and carry it aloft to echo everywhere your fame.

No fire burns but it burns for you
No rain falls but it falls for you
No tree grows but to shelter you
You are all, and all is you.

Platinum's just a metal, gold and silver too,
a diamond's just a rock, and purple but a hue,
song is just a noise, and dance is just some moves,
nectar's just a drink, ambrosia's just a food,

tears are just some water, joy is just a mood,
Heaven's just a place, and Shangri-La is too.
Eternity is fleeting, but what is one to do?
In a world made of illusions, you are all that's true.

weirdly, i had no one specific in mind when i thought this up. my goal was to have a poem of love or admiration that anyone could apply to anyone. i guess it'd be more fitting applied to a woman, with the reference to Venus, goddess of beauty and love... but whatever.

anyway. you like? anything weird or not up to par? i hope this one's finished.

also posted on deviantART and allpoetry.com.

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